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Old 10th January 2011, 13:56
bplegs bplegs is offline  
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Originally Posted by Stevo View Post
A lot of lotto money is wasted and it can be argued that some is wasted on heritage even the Medway Queen which has had a fair share pumped into it and for what? The Shieldhall is hardly a great example of our maritime heritage and asvfor her engines the average person in the street does not care, in their minds it too will be a waste of lotto money.
Got to say that I agree. Would much rather save the old "Calshot Tug" that is moored in Southampton. Much nicer than a bovril barge...
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Old 10th January 2011, 16:23
captain61's Avatar
captain61 captain61 is offline  
Crab Fat
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Looks like HMS Victory will be getting all the lotto money after the news about the state of the ship

Support the R.N.L.I
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Old 10th January 2011, 16:53
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Originally Posted by bplegs View Post
Got to say that I agree. Would much rather save the old "Calshot Tug" that is moored in Southampton. Much nicer than a bovril barge...
I agree the Calshot is well worth saving too. I nearly worked on her in the late 50s.
Any idea how much is required?
However, the Shieldhall does take passengers on cruises and the bridge and engine room are open to visitors. It is a very pleasant smooth ship and the volunteer catering staff provide excellent reasonably priced food.

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Old 11th January 2011, 21:37
snooper's Avatar
snooper snooper is offline  
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Over the years i've had a handful of day trips on the Shieldhall,all leaving wonderful memories.
Although i was simply a fare passenger,I learnt much concerning marine steam engines & the role of a ships captain on the bridge.
I doubt you have any other vessels in the world where you can stand amongst steam boilers or stand on a ships bridge at sea?
We are not all mariners or retired ships crews,some of us though have a love & passion of the maritime world...
Do we want to spend £20 to look at a valuable painting in an art gallery?
Or do we educate our offspring about the workings of marine steam engines,with perhaps some maritime engineering/seamanship thrown in?
What is very clear, is as Adults we have the choice dont we?
However,If you '''Dont'' pay £20 at the ''Tate'',Renior & Constable they will still be there 50 years time!
If you ''Dont'' travel on the Shieldhall or contribute to her 'Appeal',
she will go too the Breakers & we will loose another small slice of our History.Sadly a familier story which includes Concorde,QE2,Ark Royal,Routemaster Bus etc etc
Yes,we have the choice where our Lottery grants/funds should be used,but its imperitve the decisions are on a fair basis,not showing preferences to certain causes as we all hear about....
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Old 13th January 2011, 19:19
Blackal's Avatar
Blackal Blackal is offline  
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Re: Shieldhall.......

Did you ever meet John Foulis (served in various positions from AB Seaman to Chief Engineer - I believe........ us engineers are very versitile )

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Old 22nd May 2011, 01:46
dan cross dan cross is offline  
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 6
After raising all but £80K to get to dry-dock, seems all is not well.
Apparently her passenger license will not be getting renewed at this time. see:
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Old 5th October 2011, 01:21
Solentphotographer Solentphotographer is offline  
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SS Shieldhall discussion

This is a readers letter in the Southampton Daily Echo dated
12 July 2011
So may be of some help

YOU kindly published a letter by Philip Pearce-Smith regarding Shieldhall and I can answer some of his questions, as I am one of the dedicated volunteers that work on board and working hard to get her back to sea again.

English Heritage support Cutty Sark but have made a conscious decision not to support anything that floats, even though the strength of Britain as a trading nation developed because of its maritime strength, both for trading and trade protection.

We have had two grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund, totalling over £500,000 and are in the very early stages of making a new application.

This is a long drawn-out process that could take up to two years before work can start and there are no other funds that are able to consider grants of this value, particularly for heritage projects. Obviously, we would like to get on with the work as soon as possible, as two years is a long time and bills still have to be paid and therefore welcome any donation, large or small, to help us during this difficult time.

Details of our progress and donating are available on our website,

Thank you in anticipation to all who are able to donate.

GRAHAM MACKENZIE, Oliverís Battery, Winchester.
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Old 17th October 2011, 19:44
vchiu's Avatar
vchiu vchiu is offline  
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I made a small donation and I sincerely hope the Solent Steam Packet will reach their target of £250K. I wish I were richer
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