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New Zealand Shipping Co/s RANGITANE

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Old 15th October 2012, 00:59
BPCkid BPCkid is offline  
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G'Day, Fairfield. With respect, the image must be of Rangitane II because the RMS Rangitane was also Clyde-built by John Brown & Co launched 27th May 1929. She had twin-screw Sulzer diesel engines. She was sunk NE of Aukland on 26th Nov 1940 by the German Raiders HSF Komet & HSF Orion.
For a great read go to and read Trevor Bell's account of this sinking & subsequent sinking of the 5 merchantmen off Nauru Island.
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Old 30th December 2013, 08:30
reggieboy reggieboy is offline  
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We sailed to UK on the Rangitane left Wellington on the 24th March 1962 and arrived in Southampton 30th April 1962 from memory.
My husband worked for the Union Steamship Co on the Monowai, Matua etc 1950 to 1959 ish
Anyone remember him? Reg MERRILL would like to hear Especially a Harry Flaherty who Reg spoke about with kindness.
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Old 26th March 2015, 14:09
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Repaits at Wilton-Fijenoord 1963

Originally Posted by Mike S View Post
I spent some two years on Rangitane between 1961 and 1963 sailing as Jnr 3rd, 3rd and snr 3rd Mate. Five voyages in all and all great times.
By the time I was there apart from the usual scavenge fire between Tahiti and NZ (always seemed to happen there!) she seemed to be running well at that stage until the previously reported saga of the port crankshaft. As far as we were concerned up top we had a 6 cyl and 5 cyl engine and although her service speed was down a little you would never have known there was anything wrong.
Mind you it was a bit interesting at around 85/95 rpm as she got a bit of a critical at that speed. It was also very interesting arriving Wellington with the GG on board. There was a bit of a southerly blowing (as it does in Wellington!) and we needed to make a brisk approach to the berth and the full astern both engines had to be timed to perfection. It was and the port engine fired up OK but the Master Comm. Bob Rees muttered a few expletives and thanked whatever God was on our side that morning! The wharf was packed with a full Guard of Honour in funny hats and full drill. Would have been front page news if the old girl had sailed into the end of the dock....
The repairs were carried out in the Wiltons Yard in Rotterdam in January/February 1963 in the middle of Winter. I always remember berthing alongside at 0800 and by 0900 they had the gangs down below and were into it.
They built a railway between the engines, stripped the aft 3 cyl of the port engine and then cut holes in the deck-heads and decks of A, B, C & D deck F&A alleyways. A floating crane was brought alongside, long strops were lowered through the holes and the whole of the aft entablature was lifted clear of the bed-plate and hung off. The aft section of crankshaft was hauled out sideways, trundled down between the engines and extracted through the funnel. As soon as it was out the new section was lowered in through the funnel, and the procedure was reversed. Amazing as it was the middle of Winter and freezing cold. They kept all the services on and heating to the accom at the same time.
She was dry-docked and back on the berth in the Albert Docks in 6 weeks! John Browns the builders had quoted 4 months......
I left her in the dry-dock almost fixed and never saw her again except once in Sydney in 1964(?)sadly. Lord knows what she was doing there at Circular Quay. She was a lovely ship and I had some very happy times on there. I sat for Mates and joined Northumberland in Montreal in the July and did 4 round voyages on the MANZ run between Australia and the USA eventually bringing her home to Hull in May 1965.
Rangitane and Rangitoto were sisters with the prettiest of them all the Ruahine was a little smaller. Same engines and she was always a little faster. That was the last time I saw NZ.......must go back soon before it is too late.
Ah sweet memories.......
The idea for this repairs in 1963 came from my father, Bertus van Eijk, who was a service-engineer and acted as an engine fitter 1945-1956. He did also the draftsmans work in preparation of the repair offer to the Owners.
In the Wilton-Fijenoord Nieuws, 1963, March, pages 44-47, in total 6 photo's can be found about the progress on board, as well as in his biography "Carriere van een service-engineer", by A.D. van Eijk

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Old 19th November 2016, 17:22
muscles muscles is offline  
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It was RA as I was on another ship in the dock at the time, very sad.

Originally Posted by dogsbody View Post
My Uncle, Robert (pop ) Johnson,was In The Rangitane,until 1967,
When He Fell Between The Ship & The Quay,and Was Killed.IN EITHER KG5 OR RA DOCKS.
I Believe He Was Quartermaster But Not Certain.
Was Any Members On Board At That Time Or Remember Pop,
As He Was With Nzsc For A While.
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