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The Dieppe Raid

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Old 17th August 2012, 13:56
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The Dieppe Raid

Sunday August 19th marks the 70th anniversary of the infamous Dieppe raid where so many young Canadians lost their lives on what was considered a pointless exercise. This Sunday on the History Channel there will be a program aired called 'Dieppe Uncovered' made by Canadian Historian David O'Keefe and it shows the real reason for the raid now that previously classified information has been made available. Very interesting and could have turned the U Boat war and indeed the whole of WW2 around.
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Old 18th August 2012, 05:54
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Thanks for the heads up, I will certainly tune in. It will be interesting to see on who's doorstep they lay the blame for this disgrace.
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Look what happened to Britain
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Old 18th August 2012, 09:13
E.Martin E.Martin is offline  
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Canadians killed 800
Canadians captured 1900
Canadians deployed 4,000

British Commando's killed 466
Germans killed 600
British planes shot down 105
German planes shot down 48

What a bloody lash up for what?
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Old 18th August 2012, 10:04
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Don`t forget the Royal Navy lads who also took part in the raid and who also lost their lives one in particular is mentioned on our local churchyard memorial cross,we tend to forget that our naval forces were participants in getting these troops ashore.
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Old 18th August 2012, 23:14
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There was recently held a memorial service, for the hundreds of Canadian soldiers who died in the Dieppe landing, at Newhaven in Sussex.
I attach a picture of the Parade. The drummer at front is Heidi watkins. she is trumpeter for Sussex British legion.
A member of this site (Marsat 2) is one of the standard bearers.
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File Type: jpg Newhaven memorial service..jpg (122.3 KB, 83 views)
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Old 19th August 2012, 00:49
yorkshiregeordie yorkshiregeordie is offline  
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Just to clarify, according to my UK TV Timetable, this is on the 'Yesterday' Channel at 9pm on Sunday 19th August. (Today)
Sky 537. Virgin 203. Freeview Ch. 12
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Old 19th August 2012, 07:19
gordy gordy is offline  
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Recorder set!
Thanks for the alert.
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Old 19th August 2012, 10:07
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Jack was a private in the Toronto Scottish, a big strapping lad. He used to visit us after one of the family served him tea and a spam sandwich in a servicemen's canteen and suspected he was homesick. After Dieppe he never came again. My mother would have liked to have written to his parents but had no address, he was a credit to them and his country. I would like to think that Jack's death, and the others, were not in vain, and the lessons learned saved lives on D-day.
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Old 27th February 2016, 01:51
BigMig BigMig is offline  
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Hello Awateah2. Here's a link you might find interesting.
It is the debacle at Dieppe as seen through the personal experience of several Canadian veterans. I was a merchant seaman from Jan. '68 until Apr. '71, after which I pursued a career as a videographer/editor. Although I'm now retired, my final 9 years I was a contract editor with Veterans Affairs Canada, where I created content for its Heroes Remember website. This is one of several videos in which I was the writer/editor. It was a great privilege for me to serve Canada's vets in such a modest way.
Incidentally, your handle is quite similar to the name of the ship that carried our troops to Hong Kong.
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Old 4th June 2016, 11:37
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I would like to share with you some information about Captain Patrick Anthony Porteous VC RA.

Pat Porteous was the first to reach the German guns, and as he did so was severely wounded for a second time, being shot through the thigh. He fell, but carried on to the final objective only losing consciousness from loss of blood once he had organised the successful demolition of the battery. If the battery at Varengeville had not been destroyed, casualties among shipping and the main attacking force would have been even greater than they were. The battery was stubbornly defended by 250 Germans, behind concrete, wire, landmines, mortars and concealed machine-gun posts. One hundred and fifty Germans were killed.

After the landing force had withdrawn from Dieppe, Captain Pat Porteous received news of the award of his Victoria Cross from his mother while in hospital recovering from his wounds. The citation, published in the [ London Gazette, 2 October 1942 ], partly reads "Major Porteous's most gallant conduct, his brilliant leadership and tenacious devotion to a duty which was supplementary to the role originally assigned to him, was an inspiration to the whole detachment."

Just one of many brave actions taken by all the troops who landed
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Old 19th September 2017, 02:37
oceanmariner oceanmariner is offline  
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Another way to look at this is that you often learn more from a failure than a success. D-Day causalities were expected to be much higher than they turned out. Some of the savings was the result of so many lost at Dieppe. We waited longer, built up more supplies, mostly neutralized the German air, did more training and so on. There probably were hundreds alive at the end of D-Day because of that raid.
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Old 20th September 2017, 01:15
BigMig BigMig is offline  
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The Canadian soldiers' memories of Dieppe

I would encourage anyone following this thread to view the above video about the Dieppe Raid, which is archived on the Veterans Affairs Canada website.
My personal view, oceanmariner, after having listened to countless WW2 Canadian Veterans' interviews about the D-Day landing, is that the Allied brass hadn't learned very much. The German shore batteries, which were as deadly as those at Dieppe, were for the most part neutralized by the infantry! It was shear force of numbers that won the day. I will say, though, that the use of flail tanks to clear mines for the advance up the beach was a good lesson learned from Dieppe.
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