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'Vickers Venturer' & 'Pisces II'

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Old 26th April 2012, 14:08
andybogle andybogle is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 9
Thanks for memories Nav (and what a great memory you have!). I feel I must know you. I too worked on the Borgholm as a Shell rep and made my first dive in a Pisces vehicle from that ship. Bob Fisher was the Offshore Manager and I also remember Steiner well. And Oran Jewitt! My recollections have him sitting over an HP9845, cigarette in hand and an overflowing ashtray having been up for 24 hours trying to solve some software issue. What a great guy he was. I later became Survey Manager at BOL working for Bob Hudson.
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Old 26th April 2012, 21:22
5036's Avatar
5036 5036 is offline  
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Borgholm is still going, see my post #21 above. I remeber waiting all night for an ATNAV transponder to release in a good going nine. Up and down the range untill it suddenly released. We all went outside tor try and spot it but couldn't see it.

Crazy thing was the range didn't change from about 15 metres. I had a brainwave, it was in the moonpool! Jim Scott was the PC.
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Old 29th August 2012, 15:18
jcolinwilliams jcolinwilliams is offline  
Organisation: Royal Navy
Department: Engineering
Active: 1963 - 2011
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 33
Hi to all ex Vickers Oceanics, BUE, and Balder Cabot (HMB/Hydrospace) shipmates from Colin Williams <[email protected]>
Special hello to Marcus, John and Andy - have just picked up this thread and really chuffed that there are still a few of us with some marbles left. Fond memories of you all.
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Old 4th September 2012, 12:10
jcolinwilliams jcolinwilliams is offline  
Organisation: Royal Navy
Department: Engineering
Active: 1963 - 2011
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 33
Hi Marcus. How are you doing? We also use the Poole Fisher (RIP) once or twice.
Colin Williams
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Old 19th March 2013, 02:27
manowari manowari is offline  
Organisation: Maritime Enthusiast
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 65
I believe i can throw some light on the fate of the Vickers Venturer which was bought by Eagle Tugs of Mombasa and renamed Venturer. Her first job was in Hodeidah as depot ship for a major salvage operation. Later based in Mombasa and in '83, Divecon a Mombasa based diving company used it at Dar es Salaam for the SBM change out for which I was responsible for the underwater aspect. It was later laid up in Mombasa and scrapped there.
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Old 28th May 2013, 23:29
Eirikmar Eirikmar is offline  
Join Date: May 2013
Posts: 1
I workshop om Borgholm as materialsman and later as pilot onLR 4 .

Originally Posted by nav View Post
I worked as a surveyor on the Borgholm out of Leith and Tananger and later was a Shell rep on the Vickers Viking. I did a couple of dives which were awesome experiences and remember the cooking timer that was reset every 20 minutes after it "tinged" followed by scrubbing the air for 90 seconds and then topping back up with oxygen until the barometer rose to the surface pressure. Very, very basic.

Was the steward on the Vicker's Viking an ex-batman of Monty's? He was a very quiet guy with a moustache but very interesting when you got him talking. Trevor from Arran was the skipper and as V.V. rolled, as she always seemed to do, he walked back and forth on the spot. It was quite bizarre talking to him as you walked together on the same spot as the ship rolled back and forth. Roger Taylor was Dive Supervisor

Old Cap'n Brown also came from my home town here in West Kilbride, as was Orin Jewitt who pioneered a lot of survey computer routines and techniques Both were real characters!

Borghom's DS was Steiner Kronberg Eveson (Stoney) who was mad as a hatter. He was ex Norwegian sub service and commanded an ex-Uboat that he took down very deep as an experiment just prior to decommissioning. He told us that the U-boat at Kiel museum was his command which the guide refuted until he showed his SKE initials carved into the doorway as was traditional by all her commanders.

LR3 from Borgholm is now on display at the Gosport submarine museum, I nearly fell over when I saw it, the Fred Olsen/Vickers Oceanics graphics are still just visible. LR5 was the navy DSRV although it was due for replacement by a new vehicle which was trialled last year off Fairlie quay by the Brits, Norwegians and Dutch.
Worked om Borgholm ASA materialsman and later as pilot on the LR 4. We also had Pisces 10 from the start. Arter the companu was land down I tok up flying in differensiert companies Around Europe. Eirik E.
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Old 22nd October 2013, 19:22
WEST WEST is offline
Organisation: Merchant Navy
Join Date: Mar 2007
Posts: 15
Apologies for being late in picking up this thread but i had the dubious honour of sailing as deckie on the Relko in what i believe was her last commecial fishing trip back in the mid to late sixties. I joined the vessel in Hull and we sailed to the Norwegian coast to experiment with Mid-water trawling gear under the supervision of Sir Denistoun Burney who apparently had designed this mid-water gear with what was then massive paravanes. We spent several days at sea before going into Stavanger for 4/5 days to have modifications made to the gear after which we sailed, got caught in some heavy weather and one of our deckies ended up having his legs crushed when the paravane slid across the deck. He was duly put ashore at Aberdeen and we continued fishing. If memory serves me right we were away for about 28 days after which we landed back at North Shields and she was subsequently laid up prior to being sold and becoming Vickers Venturer. Not 100% sure but i think the Skipper was a South Shields man called Jack Sanderson (Jumpy Jack)
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