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City Of Oxford

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Old 22nd August 2012, 13:13
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Originally Posted by stoker View Post
I coasted on the Swansea in '69, as 2/Eng. she was then the Benkitlan,
We had moved into the Passenger accommodation, I had a nice cabin, I get mixed up with what ship had what these days but I do remember the mushroom scavenge pump between nos. 3 and 4 cylinders, I can't imagine the overall length of the crankshaft, probably twice as long as today's engines of the same horsepower.
One thing I can't forget, the ammonia fridge plant at the top of the Engine Room, never a blocked nose with one of those about!. Most importantly a good crowd, happy days!.
6cyl.Barclay Curle/Doxford
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Old 27th August 2012, 02:29
Chris Field Chris Field is offline
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Re the J.R.Elleman memories earlier, I was apprentice on "City of London" between 1954 and 55- one trip to/from S.Africa we carried two really nice older ladies. One was Lady Ellerman- a nice gentle soul who even shouted us lads a beer on occasion- quite unlike her hubby by the sound of it. The other was the wife of one of those S.African families that owned half the world's diamonds - Mrs. Oppenheimer?- she spent most of her day on the boat deck knitting clothes for her new granddaughter in UK, my occasional job was to rescue the ball of wool heading for the ship's side as we rolled.
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Old 30th March 2014, 01:39
DocEvans DocEvans is offline
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City of Oxford 1973

I was ship's surgeon on the City of Oxford for one voyage out to East Africa in late 1973. It was at the time of the oil crisis and we had come back at half speed– the supply of wine only just lasted. Freddie O'Neill was the captain and his wife was on board as well. We had 12 passengers, some of whom did the whole round voyage. Sir John Ellerman had died the previous year. I remember that Kerry was 2/0 and Chris was 3/0. Great experience and memories, particularly ashore in Mombasa and at the Sunshine club.

Paul Evans
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Old 16th April 2014, 11:45
Andy Lucas Andy Lucas is offline  
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I sailed on the Oxford in '71 as 3/0 and had my 21st on there, Capt (Liverpool) Roberts made a point of making all spaces available to us - which as we were fully crewed for Sir John we could get Haircuts, Massages and use of the Verandah Cafe ( with Barman ) - Padda Tennis court on Flush Hatch No. 3, not forgetting the Swimming Pool ! The only thing we couldnt use was the blue plastic liner for the pool so with the canvas liner only it was a weird experience swimming underwater at night! On the Calcutta run, with Tim Seaman C/O
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Old 16th April 2014, 13:41
Michael Taylor Michael Taylor is offline  
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Checking my discharge book and see I was C/O on the Oxford for a coastal voyage Sept/Oct '72. We had passengers and if I remember we spent most of the time checking out the new fangled oil rigs
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Old 4th August 2014, 17:26
Supercargo Supercargo is online now  
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Originally Posted by Ron Stringer View Post
Apparently that was his normal way of travel between the UK-SA-UK. He took over the entire passenger acccommodation on one of the 12-passenger ships and the ship's complement were kept away from that deck.

A strange man as you say and a miserable shipmate. On the City of Lucknow he relieved Bernard Theodore Wortley for one voyage. Everyone moaned about BTW but they were all very relieved to have him back.

.... or anyone else other than himself.

Having those two in succession soured my view of Blue Ensign masters for some years afterwards.
Did 2 trips with Capt O'Neill and Sir John on City of Birmingham 1969 and City of York 1970.
Crew on City of Birmingham
Master F.C.O'Neill
Ch.Off E.C.Russell
2ndOff C.W.Harvey
Jnr2ndOff G.G.McLeod
3rdOff P.H.Winstanley
NavCadet C.Knapp
Carpenter W.J.Langton
RadioOff D.J.Riordan
Surgeon R.Bennett
Ch.Eng A.Mackie
2ndEng A.Leigh
3rdEng D.H.Turvey
4thEng H.L.Russell
JnrEng R.M.Robertson
Purser A.Graham
Stewardess A.Collingwood
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