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Merchant Navy College Greenhithe

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Old 6th March 2016, 22:57
dave kirkham dave kirkham is offline  
Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 14
Hi Guys,
I was on what I believe was the first ONC course kicking off in September 1970. We had 2 weeks pre-sea training on HMS Worcester, then away with our companies for our first trip, back at HMS Worcester for 18 weeks in 1971, then back to Merchant Navy College Tower Hill for our final 18 weeks in 1973.
Happy times, I remember Capt Argles, I remember an instructor getting us all to strip off and swim bollock naked so we could snuggle up in the Life raft and learn how warm it was! (We were of course naive schoolboys who hadn't been to sea) But lots of good fun, the escape committee used to take us to The Cherry Tree at Dartford or the Cavendish, or was it Clarendon at Gravesend?
Failing that I spent a fair bit of time in The Pier and the Brown Bear.
Names I recall are Dave Griffiths (Hain-Nourse), Keith Miller and 'Taff' Uren from BP, Paul Moorhouse and Bob Hooley from Holder Bros, Alan Lybird (LOF) 'Hutch' from Trident Tankers, and many more who's names escape, after all it's 45 years ago!

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Old 3rd May 2016, 11:48
tedu tedu is offline  
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 22
Just read your thread. Nice to be remembered! I am Ted Uren. Yes I remembered those days on the Worcester. I also have had a long career in the MN. I have recently retired back to South Wales. A few years ago I bumped into Gordon Amos. He was the salvage Master on relocating a wreck in the Dover Strait, and I was representing the company who hired their company. We remembered those days on the Worcester! Despite the "Worcester" I am pleased to have had a long and successful career.
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Old 11th May 2016, 23:30
dave kirkham dave kirkham is offline  
Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 14
Hi Ted,
I have this image of you, on the jetty waiting for the boat crew to take us back onboard one night, drinking from a bottle of beer, whilst simultaneously having a piss, you came out with the imortal words 'In one end out the other!'.
Gordon Amos comes to mind, was he a fair haired lad from Ipswich?
I think I bumped into him in the Florida Bar in Rio one night, and that was the start of another piss up!

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Old 5th October 2016, 20:15
jeraylin jeraylin is offline  
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 34
Just had a flashback after a long standby up the Elbe river to Hamburg. One of the sparkies 77-80 was John Oliver - he played regularly in the rugby team.
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Old 3rd June 2017, 01:36
dave kirkham dave kirkham is offline  
Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 14
So sad, over a year since I last posted and only Ted Uren has come back to me, what happened to all of those heroes, where are you today?
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Old 16th June 2017, 11:32
Nick Balls's Avatar
Nick Balls Nick Balls is offline  
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 1,700
Hi Guys,

I was on the Worcester 1972 with a few people I can recall. Chris Bailey, Simon Ayshford, Paul Adams, Paul Whitehead. The Pier Hotel at that time was quite some place with its long connections with Everards, and the traditional coasting folk. I seem to remember the Cherry Tree in Dartford was often frequented by local Nurses....hence our interest.
Tower Hill and digs down in Poplar (Mariners Hotel) came later, I worked for LOF until they collapsed and continued working at sea in the offshore industry until 2005 when I had to give up, rather unexpected due to bad health.
Brilliant days with escapades that you could simple never get away with today.

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Old 16th June 2017, 16:27
DURANGO DURANGO is offline  
Senior Member
Organisation: Merchant Navy
Department: Deck
Active: 1957 - 1969
Join Date: Aug 2005
Posts: 848
I was a boy in the Worcester at the end of 1957 washing up for 5 miserable months but I got through, it stood me in good stead throughout my life discipline wise ,I did a few of voyages in the catering I swapped over to deck as soon as the chance came when I was a boy in the old Asia peeling spuds out and back across the north Atlantic during the winter that tends to focus a young man,s mind on the fact that there must be something better I could be doing , there was no room in the galley for me to sit and peel spuds so the cook found me a nice spot just outside the galley lee side of course then I had to bash on the galley door when I was done I hate to brag but I reckon I was the fastest spud basher this side of of anywhere it,s cold , I spoke to the Bosun who in turn spoke to the mate next voyage I was back as deck boy oh how my chest swelled out at last I was a sailor mind you I had to get passed the the sink in the seamans mess but I was on my way I can well remember assisting an EDH leaving Montreal we had to pull a wire from a tug inboard hand over hand my gloves where a pair of old socks as soon as the wire started to come aboard I had to dump the soaking wet socks, would anyone remember the supply officer Mr David Love who I have often thought of over the years a man who helped me start my life in the merchant navy a decent man who gave a boy a chance and for that I am forever grateful for 12 years of mostly wonderful times and experiences I was there when it was cold and miserable but I reckon that,s the best time to learn being cold and miserable we tend not to forget the things we are being taught best regards to all hands Dave .
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Old 27th December 2018, 16:52
STORM STORM is offline  
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 17
Originally Posted by Rob Pithers View Post
I've posted a picture of the Greenhithe Rugby team in 1979 or '81 in the gallery. Any help with names would be much appreciated.
I think it's Andy Holdsworth next to the Captain and John Briffa next to him. The guy in the middle at the back with the broad smile is Sean Harvey and the one with the beard at the back is Jim (Chapman?). I recognise a lot of the others but can't put names to faces.

Could it possibly be the 1977 team as I was there in 1979 and played as did Richard Carlton, Paddy Shrimpton, Dick Weston, Mark Whittaker and Taff Walters - none of whom are in that photo.

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Old 3rd January 2019, 18:08
Rob Pithers Rob Pithers is offline  
Senior Member
Organisation: Merchant Navy
Department: Navigation
Active: 1977 - 1988
Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 186
Hi Andy,
It has to be either '79 or '81, as those were the my 'Phase 2' and '4' years. I remember playing with Paddy (played his early rugby at Redcar?), but haven't a clue why he wouldn't be in the 'photo.
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