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Galley Stove - Heavy Weather - Safety

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Old 25th October 2019, 21:12
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Originally Posted by seaman38 View Post
Sounds like a passage we did many a time in the 60's from Japan to Vancouver in ballast to pick up grain for China, the ship pounding her heart out and shaking herself like a wet dog, twelve and thirteen days of misery, but the galley always managed to produce meals. Have been in a few hurricanes and typhoons, but can only remember being down to sandwiches on one occasion, that was in 1957 going to the aid of the 'Pamir' but alas too late to assist. That hurricane was a humdinger, right over on our beam ends when turning through a 180 degrees to go and assist, we lost rails and bulwarks off the foc'le and foredeck, foredeck ladders to prom deck as well as damage to the lifeboats. The weather all in a days work, but on this occasion tinged with great sadness at the loss of so many young lives, if I remember correctly it was 79/80 young cadets aged 16 -20
Yes S38, that storm was hurricane Carrie which built in the Azores and blew right up into the Irish Sea before disapating.
I was on passenger/ cargo ship Rangitane in the Bay of Biscay at the time of the Pamir SOS and smashing into seas that bent over the pipe bow railings and terrified most of the 450 passengers.
Avery sad day as you say and especially for me as I had been on board Pamir in Auckland when she was sailing under the NZ flag as a wartime prize. I later sailed with both Union Co Captains Desmond Champion and Andrew Keyworth who were Master and Mate respectively on Pamir's last voyage under NZ command before being handed back to the rightful owners.

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Old 27th October 2019, 20:49
Victor J. Croasdale Victor J. Croasdale is offline  
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Wikipedia gives a crew of 86 including 52 cadets. All but 4 crew and 2 cadets died in the sinking.
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Old 29th October 2019, 18:31
haswellian haswellian is offline  
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heavy weather

I sailed mainly on 8 to 9,000 ton cargo ships (late sixties early seventies) and never had meals cancelled due to bad weather what was on the menu was made and served, even soup was quickly remade after the first pot ended up all over the galley deck (slippy tiles) all my burns and scald scars have now healed. Try frying chips in a storm crazy, (it certainly could be.
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Old 2nd November 2019, 22:57
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Originally Posted by haswellian View Post
and never had meals cancelled due to bad weather what was on the menu was made and served,
good man, heroes all!

I was surprised to be asked to bring the ships cook along as a witness after noting protest on account of losing some deck containers southbound in the Bay. He was last, after the bosun, to be cross examined on how events affected his world that day. On finishing his testimony, the Notary Public blurted out – “you are a hero”, quickly seconded by the ship’s agent. I never thought much about it until then, as we generally took “cookie” for granted.
harry t.

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