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Tongan Ship?

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Old 3rd September 2004, 18:19
david smith david smith is offline
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image deleted

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Old 6th September 2004, 18:47
Bob S Bob S is offline  
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Intresting Photo David, these little ships get about don't they.
I think the spelling is HA'AMOTAHA. Built in Germany as the BALTIC SWIFT (57/1224), she became the FIJIAN SWIFT in 1973 and HA'AMOTAHA in 1976. Details from a 1979 Lloyds Register, couldn't find any further history.

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Old 6th September 2004, 19:28
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oldbosun oldbosun is offline  
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She has all the marks of a 'Baltic boat'. A generic term given to ships trading there, not as a company name. The mast on the foc'sle head a dead giveaway. I think the idea of positioning the mast there was to enable easier cradling of the lowered derrick(s) over the timber deck cargo, though oftentimes the derricks were topped right up two blocks and secured in clamps.
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Old 6th September 2004, 19:33
Bob S Bob S is offline  
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Join Date: Jul 2004
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Further info on HA’AMOTAHA, she was broken up in 1979 by Pacific Scrap Limited. See link below for info.'AMOTAHA&gsn =&owner=&num=&typ=fuzzy&tid=0&tix=0&pix=0&SourceID =&refid=&hit=2
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Old 8th September 2004, 02:12
cboots cboots is offline  
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Yes, the Baltic Swift alright, I used to see her often in Surrey Docks when they were the regular London berth for UBC, I have even visited her on occasions as I was several voyages on the Baltic Star. UBC had a series of liner trades between UK and the Baltic to the then USSR, Finland and Poland, I think the Swift was on the Polish run but wouldn't swear to it. They were good ships and usually pretty happy ones. The company was jointly owned by Andrew Wier (Bank Line) and the Danish EAC. Interesting that she wound up in the Pacific island trades, the poor old Baltic Star wound up on the rocks off the Cornish coast one Christmas season in the late seventies placed there by some Greek outfit whose captain was obviously not too good on his local knowledge.
Best regards, especially to any old Baltic ice fighters.
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