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Ekpan Chieftan ( ex Nora )

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Old 2nd December 2006, 00:30
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Ekpan Chieftan ( ex Nora )

Can anyone please add the names before Nora.
and what happened to her after she was sold off in 1977?

The following taken from the Shipping Registers.

Ekpan Chieftan ( formerly Nora )
ON 362468
Nr 8 in 1974 at Port of Penzance
Change of name of ex Dutch vessel Nora authorised with the sanction of the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. Minuted RSS 127/74 dated 29th March 1974.
Gross Tonnage 461.28; 227.7 Register Tonnage
1305.42 cu m; 644.39 cu m.
Accommodation certified for seamen 9
Date of Entry 16th May 1974; 2 pm.
Owners: Corineus Lines Ltd., formerly Higher Road, Breage
revised ( in pencil ) to 2, Church Row, Porthleven ( 3rd November 1975 ).
All 64 shares in that ownership. Name Change of company 13th September 1975.
Manager : Andrew Mullion Barwick Bell of Porthleven.
1 Mortgage dated 4th May 1974 with Scheepshypotheek Bank, Nedeland NV.,
Eendracht Splein 10, Rotterdam, Holland.
2 Iffie Corineus Lines Limited. 13th Sep 1974; 4pm. Mortgage dated 9th Sep 1974. Freight Express-Seacon Ltd, Express Wharf, 38, West Ferry Road, London E14.
3 Freight Express-Seacon Ltd. 29th Jan 1975. Discharge of Mortgage.
4 Iffie Corineus Lines Limited. 27th Oct 1975 3.30 pm. Mortgage 11th Oct 1975 secured £40,000 at 18%. Robert Bryan Banton of Trenance, 21, East Close, Middleton on Sea, Sussex.

Registry Closed 25th Jan 1977, on sale of vessel to foreigner ( Iranians ).

Motor Single Screw.
Built Groningen, Holland
Built 1962, NV Scheepswerf Waterhuizen; J Pattje, Groningen, Holland
Signal Letters; GUIT
One Deck, Two Masts, Raked Stem, Cruiser stern, Carvel Built
Steel Framework Cargo vessel.
3 watertight bulkheads.
157.9 ft length from forepart of stem to fore side of the rudder stock.
27.6 ft breadth
9.35 ft Depth in hold from tonnage deck to tank top amidships.
11.05 ft Depth from upper deck at sides amidships to bottom of keel.
0.06 Round of Beam on upper deck.
19.85 Length of Engine Room.
One set Internal Combustion 2 Stroke Single Acting Engine. One Shaft.
1962; NV Abbingedammer Bronomotorwerfabriek, Abbingedam, Holland.
Six Cylinder 220mm Reciprocating Engine, Stroke 380mm.
40 nhp; 360 bhp; 10 knots.
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Old 2nd December 2006, 01:16
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Ahoy Treeve,
As Nora was launched in 1962[built #(261)] her call sign was PGJY and IMO Nr.:5254761
Her company in the Netherlands was Wijnne & Barends and was sold in 1975 to the UK as EKPAN CHIEFTAIN, resold/renamed in 1978 AL NISER I [Kuwait flag] and sunk in 1980 on 23 March.

All the best
Changer de cuisine donne de l'appétit!
My piccies also @:

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Old 2nd December 2006, 09:25
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Ekpan Chieftain

Outside of your thread but as a curious aside - I boarded this "fine vessel" as pilot on her first arrival in the UK under this name. The Master was British but the remaining crew were all West African. The Master too had clearly been involved in West African sea going for many years. I was rather taken aback when my coffee was delivered to the bridge by a steward dressed in perfectly turned out whites. China cup and sterling silver. Bear in mind this was a second hand, 499grt., ex.dutch coaster. Well, I was on board many times thereafter and can report, it didn't last. Next time we were back to bread and cheese accompanied by a snarling Alsatian!
I gather the cash for her purchase came from the chief of the Ekpan tribe.(So I was informed at least!).
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Old 2nd December 2006, 12:43
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Hi Ruud and thanks very much for the info and the photo.
Great story, too .... I learned recently that she carried some
of the mails to the Isles of Scilly, and therefore my interest
was more than transcibing records. I also was told of the
link with an Ekpan chief. I cannot think of any other reason
for the name. Best Wishes, Raymond
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