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  1. SS America and SS United States

    1:1250 models by Mercator, #M563 (America), and #M906 (United States)
  2. KMS Scharnhorst firing on HMS Glorious

    British aircraft carrier HMS Glorious and a two destroyer escort were charged with the transport of a squadron of the RAF in the June, 1940 evacuation from Norway of the British expeditionary force that had failed to stem the German invasion. On June 8, they stumbled into the German...
  3. IJN Nagato

    1:1250 model by Neptun, #1302. Launched 1919, modernized 1934-36; 32720 tons, 700ft x95ft x30ft draft, geared turbines/ 80000hp/ 4 screw/ 23 knots. Armament: 8- 16 inch main, 20- 5.5 inch secondary, 8- 5 inch AA, 7MG, 4 torpedo tubes; catapult +3 aircraft. Armor: 12 inch belt, 3.5 inch deck...
  4. Prinsessan

    An excellent model by Risawoleska, # Ri09c. Wonderful paint job of a lively livery; excellent articulation of detail. Built in '57 in Helsingor for DFDS, with black hull, until '71 she ran service between Copenhagen and Oslo, with some cruising as well as service to Newcastle and Aborg. Sold to...
  5. Sagafjord

    1:1250 scale model by Mercator #M916
  6. Klipfontein

    Rare 1:1250 scale model by Noordzee.
  7. Chiryo Maru

    1:1250 scale model by HB, # C-42. Launched 1937, 3800 tons, 255 ft x 41 ft, 12.4 knots service speed. Notable for having been torpedoed by USS Greenling during WWII, but torpedo did not detonate.
  8. Oranje Nassau

    1:1250 scale model by Albatros #249.
  9. Wilhelm Pieck

    1:1250 model by Carat # 011
  10. Canberra

    1:1250 scale waterline resin model, unknown manufacturer, but a pretty good facsimile of the real thing
  11. Panama

    1:1250 scale waterline model by Albatros, #238
  12. Patris/ Chandris Line

    1:1250 scale model by CM-KR, #56. Built by Harland and Wolff 1950 for Union Castle Line as Bloemfontein Castle. 18400 tons, 595 ft long, 18.5 knots service speed, 721 passengers. Rebuilt when she was bought by Chandris to accommodate 1036 passengers. Liner service Pireaus- Limassol- Fremantle-...
  13. Leda at dusk

    1:1250 scale model by CM Yes, the lights should be on, but that is difficult with a chunk of metal
  14. Regina Maris

    1:1250 model by Risawoleska, # Ri0210a Anyone know about this ship? I went on Simplon and found a completely different ship by the name.
  15. Sagafjord

    1:1250 scale model by Mercator, # M916. Built by Forges et ChantiersDe la Mediterranee, launched June 13, 1964. 24,002 tons gwt, 620 ft x80 ft x 27ft draft, twin screw, 830 passengers. Originally of Norwegian- America Line, she was sold to Cunard in 1983, and has had subsequent changes of...
  16. Nevasa

    1:1250 scale model ship by Albatros, #223A
  17. Bolzano, Trento, Pola in port

    According to Jane's Fighting Ships: Bolzano: L. 8-31-1932, 10,000 tons, 646 ft x 68 ft x 18 ft draft, geared turbines/ 4 screw/ 36 knots, 8- 8 inch guns main, 723 crew; Trento: L. 10-4-1927, 10,000 tons, 645 ft x 67 ft x19 ft draft, geared turbines/ 4 screw/ 35 knots, 8- 8 inch guns main, 723...
1-19 of 103 Results