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  1. Places, People & Events of Maritime Interest
    Hi I'm looking for any information about cargo ship SS Rosslyn and in particular any photos or information about the people who may have worked onboard. I know she was built by Northumberland Shipbuilding Co Ltd in 1902 and went to James Tucker Steamship Co Ltd (J Cory & Sons Ltd), Cardiff...
  2. Tongariro (II)

    Given to me by a friend, c.1962. Tongariro Built: 1901 Hawthorn Leslie, Newcastle Tonnage: 8,073grt Owners: NZSCo 1916: 30th August: Wrecked on Bull Rock, Portland Is, Hawke Bay, en route to Wellington from Newport News. Broke in two and became total loss, although much of the cargo was salvaged.
1-2 of 2 Results