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  1. HMS Porpoise

    Taken in Loch Long, near the torpedo testing range at Arrochar. Probably on her shakedown cruise, or crew training. A mine-laying submarine, she was the last British sub lost in WW II, sunk with all hands in the Malacca Straits early in 1945.
  2. Mountaineer in Tobermory Bay

    Mountaineer (1910), the last paddle steamer built for MacBrayne's. Pictured in Tobermory Bay, 1933. Broken up 1938.
  3. Loch Broom (MacBrayne's), Tobermory 1933

    Loch Broom - ex City of London (Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company) - purchased by MacBrayne's in 1931. At Tobermory, 1933. Taken by my father while on holiday in the area.
  4. Iona, North Pier, Oban 1933

    Iona (MacBrayne's) at Oban, taken by my father while on holiday in 1933

    RFA RELIANT[1] at anchor with the fleet off Yugoslavia in August 1933. Lots of C class cruisers and interwar destroyers as a backdrop. What a wonderful period to have been serving in. Taken from a photo postcard of the period. What a shame that tradition has died out.
  6. REX - "The Riviera Afloat"

    REX B 1932 Soc. Anon. Ansaldo, Sestri Ponente. T 51,062g, 30,623n. D 879.9/268.19011. 833.9/254.17 x 97/29.57 x 30.7/9.36. E Quad scr, 12 stm turb, srg, 22,082 nhp, 12 wtb, 384 psi. xx kts. By builder at Samprierdarena H Steel. 5 + part 5,6 & 7 dks. P 978 1st, 410 toOOst, 866 3rd. 1930 Apr...
1-6 of 6 Results