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  1. Aquitania

    It’s kind of difficult to believe that a picture like this was ever taken on the boat deck of the Aquitania, and yet, here it is. The picture was taken in June, 1948, and the unidentified young lady is part of Canada’s Summer Olympic Team who is heading to London to participate in the first...

    SS Sołdek: Built 1948, LOA 87 m, Beam 12.30 m, draft 5.35 m, dwt 2540, main engine: 4 cylinders steam engine Lentza, shell plates connected by rivets, speed 9.5 knots, 1 deck, 4 holds, 28 crew.
  3. Whyalla, 1948

    BHP was asked by the Australian Government to consider creating a ship building facility at Whyalla. Work was started immediately on two slips to handle up to 15000 ton vessels and within a year, two more smaller slips were built. The first ship was the HMAS Whyalla, a Bathurst Class minesweeper...
1-3 of 3 Results