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  1. SS Explorer - Leith

    The newly refurbished samson post after a scale, chip, prime and paint by Bob and Pete. Well done lads! Now get up that mast!!!
  2. SS Explorer - Leith , new funnel paint job

    Latest news, August 11th 2012 SS Explorer gets a new funnel paint job. Preservation and restoration work continues. Get involved and help us get Explorer back to sea!
  3. SS Explorer - Leith

    We decided to change the stripe from white to yellow.
  4. SS Explorer - Leith

    SS Explorer - Leith currently under restoration by volunteers. Here is the boiler room telegraph! see come and join us
  5. SS Explorer - Leith

    A recent pic of the fishing deck SS Explorer. An historic steam powered fisheries research vessel being restored in Leith by volunteers. See
  6. HMCS MARGAREE DDE230 as-built

    HMCS MARGAREE DDE230 as-built (Ships Post Card). Namesake: Margaree River,Nova Scotia Builder: Halifax Shipyards, Halifax,Nova Scotia. Laid down: 12 September 1951 Launched: 29 March 1956 Commissioned: 5 October 1957 Decommissioned: 2 May 1992 Reclassified: 15 October 1965 (as DDH)...
1-6 of 7 Results