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  1. Apprentice, Bank Line

    Apprentice, Bank Line

    Painting, slowly, on the Glenbank in 1953. Hardly believe you could ever finish a ship with brushes let alone keep it going for 30 years. Note temporary absence of white patrol uniform and polished brass telescope
  2. Sverdlov at Spithead

    Sverdlov at Spithead

    Soviet heavy cruiser 'Sverdlov' at Spithead, 1953. From an album of such photos bought at collectables fair. Sverdlov Built: 1952 Baltiyskiy Zavod, Leningrad Tonnage: 14,290grt 1991: Stricken Armament: 12x5.9inch, 12x3.9inch, 32x37mm AA, 10x21inch TT, 140-250 mines Machinery: Geared Steam turbines,
  3. Orcades (III) at Spithead

    Orcades (III) at Spithead

    Looks like Orcades at Spithead Naval Review, 1953. From an album including a number of shots taken at Spithead. Orcades before the 'top-hat' was installed on the funnel. Surrounded by an assortment of small naval vessels--picture cropped and then enlarged. Orcades Built: 1948 Vickers-Armstrong, Barr
  4. Snap!


    SS 'United States' arriving, 'America' departing New York on March 30, 1953--was this the first time they'd met?
  5. Strathnaver at Spithead

    Strathnaver at Spithead

    Taken from an album of 1940's-1950's ship photos. Name just visible on stern, and warships (mainly British)to the horizon. Spithead Naval Review, 1953.