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  1. Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
    Hello all, my young son and I are restoring a Buccaneer aircraft cockpit ex HMS Victorious recovered by RMAS Pintail and Reclaim in June/July1966 off The Lizard, Cornwall. The crew safely ejected. The fuselage was successfully lifted, the cockpit was a challenge as it slipped and was recovered...

    Bow of ship being built in floating dock, with the area bike-park in foreground. DSME yard on Geoje Island, Korea
  3. Niceto de Larrinaga: Bremmen, 1966

    Niceto de Larrinaga: Bremmen dry dock, 1966
  4. Niceto de Larrinaga: Sydney, Australia, 1966

    Niceto de Larrinaga: Sydney, Australia, 1966
  5. Discharging fish from unknown fishing vessel

    Discharging fish from unknown vessel at Aberdeen fish market in March 1966
  6. Constant Friend, PD 290, alongside Aberdeen Fish Market

    Vessel alongside discharging at Aberdeen Fish Market in March 1966.
1-6 of 7 Results