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  1. MS Athos

    MS Athos 1968 Marocco.
  2. Sultan K.L.(ex Matua)

    Built: 1936 R and W Hawthorn, Leslie and Co, Hebburn Tonnage: 4,193grt Owners: E.K.Litojua, Manila 1936: Built as Matua for Union SSCo of NZ Known affectionately as the 'Banana Boat', she serviced the Auckland-Rarotonga-Fiji-Samoa-Tonga route. 1968: Sold to E.K.Litojua, Manila, r/n Sultan...
  3. Matua

    USSCo's Matua catching the morning sun in Auckland,1968. Matua Built: 1936 Hawthorne Leslie, Hebburn Tonnage: 4,193grt Owners: Union SSCo of NZ 1968: Sultan K.L. 1970: Broken up Kaohsiung.
  4. Cellana Launch Party (1968)

    CELLANA launch party (l to r): Mr. R. G. Hawke, Acting General Manager, Shipyard Whyalla; The Lady Casey; Mr S. M. F. Martin, General Manager Whyalla Steelworks; Sir Colin Syme, Chairman B.H.P. Melbourne; Miss Hewett, Personal Assistant to Lady Casey; Lady Syme; The Lord Casey, Governer-General...
1-4 of 4 Results