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  1. Other Companies/Ships
    In Dutch the company was known as: Koninklijke Java-China Paketvaart Lijnen she ran services in the Southern Hemisphere was gobbled up from 1977 by Nedlloyd Lines I am looking for photographs of the freighters in particular, preferably when working cargo in Hong Kong or elsewhere in South East Asia
  2. News and Views from the Shipping World
    Dear all, I'm finishing up a book on US-Saudi relations in the 1970s and have a question for anyone who visited Jeddah in those years. I've read many stories about the chaos at the Jeddah port around 1974-75. The Saudi economic boom meant that the demand for imports was so great that ships...
  3. EGORI

    Blue Funnel livery.
  4. Edinburgh Clipper

    Liverpool, February 1975
  5. VORI , Liverpool 1970s

    Unknown Greek vessel

    Liverpool, early 1970s

    Liverpool,early 1970s

    Liverpool, early 1970s
  9. unknown=PORTO

    Liverpool, July 1973 Is she flying the Union Jack or the Port Line flag?
  10. KAPTAI

    Liverpool, July 1973
  11. unknown Dutch ship

    Liverpool, February 1975
  12. ? = Aeolian Sea

    Liverpool, March 1975 How's your Greek? Port lifeboat not looking too secure.
  13. Cape Ann

    Liverpool,early 1970s
  14. Monsoon Current

    Liverpool, March 1974
  15. Hwa Gek

    Liverpool, early 1970s What is the history of this ship?
1-20 of 22 Results