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  1. Warsash Class of 75 - Shackleton

    Warsash Class of 75 - Shackleton
  2. Loch Lomond

    Loch Lomond berthed alongside in Guanta, Venezuela after her maiden voyage. She was discharging a cargo of fertiliser which was loaded in Dublin.
  3. Suilven

    Postcard of Suilven bought at collectables fair. Saw her at Wellington early 2000's. Suilven Built: 1974 Moss Rosenberg, Moss Tonnage: 1,908gt Owners: Caledonian/MacBrayne
  4. Benvrackie Suez Canal 1975

    Homeward bound, the first convoy through the canal heading West, Rod Stewart at No 1 with "we are sailing" what more could you want. Certainly not the mine which the ship in front of us hit..!! Still a war zone at the time with burned out tanks etc by the side of the canal.The first time I had...
1-4 of 4 Results