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  1. LANGELAND II (1989)

    RO-RO 1977 Scheepswerf Hoogezand, Hoogezand Langeland-Kiel Linien, Bagenkop Ferry between Kiel and Bagenkop L: 70,01m B: 16,24m D: 3,81m. GT 1.500 650 Passengers 90 Cars 2.612 Kw 15.5 knots Sold in 1989 to Emeraude Ferries, St. Malo r20030105 S 610 Kiel_66 LANGELAND II 8712 MuseumKielMaritim
  2. Stirling Oak at Loch Kishorn in 1977

    I only ever served on one supply vessel, the Stirling Oak, it was in July 1977 at Loch Kishorn in North West Scotland.
  3. QE2/Twin Towers

    A sobering picture of famous landmarks--QE2 passing Twin Towers, New York, in 1977.
1-3 of 4 Results