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  1. Mundogas America

    At Falmouth
  2. Souss

    Truro River lay-up.
  3. Winter Star

    Here Winter Star on anchor South of India, loading cargo from barges. It took 30 days to load 28 000 tons of sand for Antwerp. In Antwerp it took 10 hours only to discharge ...
  4. Crew - Winter Star

    04-06-1994 Philipino Crew did a lot of work to bring this ship to nice looking state. After 4 months of hard work owner did not believe their eyes.
  5. Crew - Winter Star

    My Phillipino Crew - they used to have long contracts. We did a lot of work together. Scanned picture, oryginal from 08-07 1994.
  6. Winter Star

    Winter Star, Cyprus flag in 1994 on the way to Montreal. Bad weater, freezing temperature up to -40 Cand ship to be ready for loading on arrival. Nightmare.
  7. evening star

    at burra
1-7 of 7 Results