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  1. Ship Research
    Good morning Can someone please help me with full details for L.H. Sheldrake of the Bibby Line? Survived sinking of SS Yorkshire in 1939. Believe he died at sea on a run to Rangoon in 1970. Does anyone have a photo of him? Wartime if possible. Cheers James
  2. Sirius

    Ok, I need new glasses to take level photos.... A sister ship of the "Athena" which recently caught fire and was abandoned. Fresh put of drydock that morning and alongside at Las Palmas on 12/11/2010. Built in 1994 by Naval Gijon, Gijon, Spain (505), 7,805 g.t. and 5,530 dwt., as ¨Kapitan...
1-2 of 2 Results