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  1. Ship Research
    Does anyone know of any vessels that sailed regularly between Ireland and Aberdeen in the 1920's? I am doing some family research and following a few very loose leads. The vessels may have had a few stops but I believe the origin was Ireland and it stopped regularly in Aberdeen. Or any ideas of...
  2. Aberdeen

  3. Aberdeen Harbour

    Entrance to harbour from Torry Battery. This is the best dry spell in some time, makes it look picturesque.
  4. Hrossey departing Aberdeen 1st August

    Hrossey outward bound from Aberdeen. Taken from near the Torry Battery.
  5. Aberdeen

    GRIMSBY-Class Sloop ordered from HM Dockyard Devonport under the 1934 Programme on 1st March 1935 and laid down on 12th June 1935. The ship was launched by the Lady Provost of the city, Mrs E Watt on 22nd January 1936 as the 2nd RN ship to carry the name previously used by a WW1 trawler. Build...

    Aberdeen Harbour
  7. Aberdeen

    Can you identify this situation? Too easy!Two winners within mere moments.
  8. Discharging fish from unknown fishing vessel

    Discharging fish from unknown vessel at Aberdeen fish market in March 1966
  9. Fertile Vale, Aberdeen

    Aberdeen harbour in March '66 with the Fertile Vale on her way out.
  10. Old Aberdeen

    Shandwick A 448 at Aberdeen, ca. 1952. Taken with a Kodak Brownie 127 - my first camera. I think she was built in 1912, but perhaps someone out there has more details. Dave
  11. The Harbour, Aberdeen (2)

    The harbour, Aberdeen, with an assortment of trawlers and cargo ships
  12. The Harbour, Aberdeen

    The Harbour, Aberdeen
  13. Aberdeen Harbour

    Malaviya Seven, Sea Panther, Vos Fighter, ??, Seawell, ?? Edda Frende
  14. Aberdeen, Albert Quay approach, c. '54

    An extremely busy market at the time. Full of steam trawlers many of which were of 1916 and round about vintage. My father described how as an engineer with Lewis's the shipbuilders, now long gone, he was assisting in placing a gunnel plate by welding on the side of one of the old trawlers and...
  15. Up i Dee in a boatie

    Thought hard about this one. Passenger ship section? Life on board? Nah. Cargo vessels? Don't think she would thank me for that. Ports, harbours, etc. Well the River Dee enters into the supply ship berths at Torry, Aberdeen. Special purpose, I don't think we should go into that...
  16. Skandi Commander

    Skandi Commander, at Aberdeen. December 2007
  17. Skandi Buchan

    Skandi Buchan. Aberdeen, december 2007
  18. Far Scout and Far Superior

    AHTS Far Scout, and PSV Far Superior on the river at Aberdeen. April 2007.
1-19 of 46 Results