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  1. Aberfoyle


    Here is the Aberfoyle. Any information is welcome Frank
  2. Aberfoyle


    Aberfoyle - any information appreciated. From a photo in my collection Tony W.
  3. Aberfoyle at Douglas

    Aberfoyle at Douglas

    Stern view of the Aberfoyle at Douglas awaiting a tow to the breakers at Millom.
  4. Aberfoyle


    The Aberfoyle at Douglas in Nov 1985 on route to the breakers at Millom. We picked her up at Belfast during a break in the weather and towed her to Douglas with the Primrose. We had to wait for suitable spring tides to get up to Millom and the Aberfoyle was in Douglas for about two weeks before we c
  5. How does this work?

    How does this work?

    The skipper and chief of the Derry dredger "Aberfoyle", planning something.
  6. Aberfoyle


    The Derry dredger Aberfoyle at Larne, June 1961. Aberfoyle built 1946. She would come round every summer to work at the Bank quay , then maybe a few weeka at Carrickfergus. She was skippered by J Robinson.