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  1. Achatina


    Registered in Douglas.
  3. Achatina, Shell Tanker

    Shell Tanker Achatina in the Clyde, 1964
  4. Achatina, Apprentice Peter Loud, 1964

    Shell Tanker Achatina, Apprentice Peter Loud, 1964 Alas, I did not complete my apprenticeship. I gave it up to do a B.Sc. with CEGB.
  5. Achatina, Saloon

    Shell Tanker Achatina, Officers Saloon, Appr. Peter Loud, 1964
  6. Achatina, Apprentices, Xmas 1964

    Shell Tanker Achatina, Xmas 1964
  7. Achatina Apprentices, 1964

    Apprentices, Port - Peter Loud Centre - Tony Stbd. Can't remember name, but always called, 'Chatty Harry';
  8. Shell Tanker Achatina

    Achatina in 1958. Where was she?
1-8 of 8 Results