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  1. ACT7


    ACT7 approaching Tilbury,
  2. ACT 7

    ACT 7

    ACT 7 passing Tilbury Landing Stage...
  3. Name please

    Name please

    ACT is ok, but the rest?. Nice tug. Place?. Might be Felixtowe. Photo taken Juli 1986.
  4. ACT 7

    ACT 7

    ACT 7 in lyttelton
  5. ACT 4 at Auckland

    ACT 4 at Auckland

    ACT 4 during a call at Bledisloe Terminal, Auckland. Normally these vessels were worked at Fergusson Terminal but must have gone "uptown" due to congestion. ACT 4 was renamed Melbourne Star after Blue Star aquired the Aus/NZ to East Coast USA service of ACT.