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    british troop ship ADDA at Skálafjørður, Faroe Island during WW II.
  2. Adda

    The British pass/cargo liner RMS ADDA, 140m/ 7.816gt/ 14kn; 14/11/1922 completed by Harland & Wolff., Ltd, Greenock, although laid up as ANCOBRA, for British & African Steam Navigation Co., Ltd., mgrs Elder Dempster Lines, Liverpool; 08/06/1941 torpedoed by U-107 (KapitanLeutnant Gunther...
  3. ADDA

  4. Adda

    1922. 7,816gt. Torpedoed 1941 of Freetown 12 lives lost.
  5. m.v. ADDA, Elder Dempster

    H&W Greenock 1922
1-5 of 5 Results