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  1. ADEN

    The ship to the left is the GOLDENFELS of 1954, owned by DDG Hansa, Bremen (see also separate photo in Cargo vessels category).
  2. RFAs

  3. ADEN

  4. Aden Harbour by Russell Flint

    Scanned from a picture in 'Welcome to Aden', an armed services guidebook of ca 1960.The book acknowledges 'B. P. Aden Ltd.' for permission to reproduce the painting by Sir William Russell Flint*. (Presumably they held a helicopter in a nice long hover while he got on with the painting.) The...
  5. Ships, Aden

    1962. All unknown to me. (Actually 1963 - see comments below.)
  6. Unknown Shaw Savill vessel

    Moored at Steamer Point, Aden, 1962.
  7. Loading Light Tanks Aden

    Chief Officer Supervising loading of light tanks of the 17- 21st Lancers in 1967 during the British withdrawal from Aden
  8. Aden, 1963?

    scanned slide from the Lilburn collection
  9. Aden ?

    Not sure where I took this but it appears to be Aden in the 1950's.
  10. HMS Hermes entering Aden 1963

    Hermes entering Aden on our way out to the far east in early 1963

    Dunedin 1967 Built 1946 as Somerset for Federal SN. 1954 renamed Aden, P and O managed. 1967 broken up Kaohsiung.
  12. Aden,1960's

    Given to me by a friend back in the 1960's--Aden from the air. Amazing landscape, interesting ships.
  13. 2nd Mates new run about

    Masirah at Aden 23rd Nov 1960. One of the six Centurion tanks loaded in Southampton with our 2nd Mate in possession. A great shipmate whose name I have forgotten, help gratefully received. This was only the second time we had played with the heavy derrick so had lots of fun, we had...
  14. Aden

    Aden in late 1965 showing foredeck of RFA Wave Ruler. Dead ahead is a BI ship.Far distance is a RN Salisbury class aircraft direction frigate and a Gearing class USN destroyer.
  15. Bunkering In Aden

    Taking bunkers in Aden in July 1965. Ahead is Blue Funnels's 'Ajax' and an unknown Shaw Saville ship. Taken from the 'Rhodesia Castle.'
  16. Aden - Bum Boats

    Bum Boats alongside the Port Hobart in Aden, November 1965.
  17. Aden 1963

    Leaving Aden, SS Makrana 1963.
  18. Aden

    Aden. September 1965.
  19. Steamer Point Aden

    Steamer Point Aden...A dogs nightmare..not a tree in sight. September 1965
1-20 of 24 Results