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    The newly commissioned Admiral Hipper photographed in May 1939 at Hamburg The Hipper Class heavy cruisers of the Kriegsmarine were a result of the Washington Fleet Treaty of 1921, so called "Washington Cruisers". Their displacement was not to exceed 10.000 tons and their main artillery was...
  2. Glowworms last fight

    The heroic fight of HMS Glowworm against the German heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper on April 8th, 1940 in the Norwegian Sea. All details about Glowworms battle against the destroyers Z 11 and Z 18, the heavy cruiser as well as the cir***stances of LtCdr Roope's VC award find here...
  3. Admiral Hipper, + Admiral Scheer in Alta Fjord

    Admiral Hipper, + Admiral Scheer in Alta Fjord, Norway during WW2. The picture is by the artist Randal Wilson. Frank
1-3 of 3 Results