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    Detail of her midships and aircraft.
  2. Admiral Scheer

    Photographed prior to 7 Nov 1935 when the German Ensign was changed to the Reich Flag which had the swastika at the centre Laid down: 25 June 1931 The ship was launched on April 1, 1933 and christened by Frau Marianne Besserer, daughter of Admiral Reinhard Scheer. Launched: 1 April 1933...
  3. Admiral Scheer

    Admiral Scheer 1936 German battleship photographed at Gib.
  4. Admiral Scheer

    Sister ship to the Deutschland and Admiral Graf Spee. This trio were the pocket battleships designed as long range commerce raiders. The Admiral Scheer was laid down in Wilhelmshaven, June '31, launched 1 April '33 and completed Nov '34. She sank 14 merchantmen and HMS Jervis Bay on her first...
1-5 of 5 Results