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  1. Train ferry WARNEMÜNDE

    The East German railway ferry WARNEMÜNDE steering astern after leaving the port of Warnemünde, at an unknown date, 1970's. The WARNEMÜNDE (6148 GRT / 2008 NET / 1564 tdw) was launched on 8 July 1962 by VEB Schiffswerft "Neptun" at Rostock, yard number 120/1068, completed on 21 April 1963, and...
  2. Admiral

    Streamlined US river boat - possibly on the Mississippi. Any information appreciated.
  3. Admiral

    As far as I can recall, this is a picture of 'Admiral' as she was in 1994. This shot was taken as we were passing the Admiralty shipyard in St. Petersburg at the start of our season. Some three weeks later we met up with her owner in Tallinn at which time he told us of his plans for her, the...
  4. Admiral Nevelskoi Yacht

    Admiral Nevelskoi Yacht (Maritime Museum ) The Yacht was Formerly for the Russian Federal Government who Give to Honorary Consul Eric Typhis Degtyarenko in 2010. The yacht sailed across the ocean under the Command of professor Leonid Lysenko for several research expedition for the Maritime State...

    Carl Büttners ADMIRAL berthed in the Brunsbüttel locks/ April 2013.

    Carl Büthners ADMIRAL berthed in the Brunsbüttel locks/ April 2013.

    Steel and Bennie Clyde paddle tug. No other details I'm afraid.
  8. Training ship Paul Beneke

    The German naval training ship Paul Beneke seen here in the port of Flensburg-Mürwik during World War II, judging by the complex camouflage painting. The Paul Beneke (415 grt/171 nrt) was originally laid down in 1930 by the Schiffswerft Memel, Lindenau & Cie. at Memel (Klajpeda), yard number...
  9. Br Admiral Chart-room

    Taken 1964 - chart-room area of the Br Admiral, showing the latest photo-plot radar at the far end!
  10. Admiral

    Admiral - Anchored in Belfast Lough
  11. Admiral

    Admiral alongside in Leixoes on 31st March 2007
  12. Admiral Bay 2

    mv Admiral Bay 2 365 grt - originally mf Fedje (1970). Now registered St. Vincent, managed by Box Marine Limited. Operates twice weekly service (cargo only) between St. Vincent and Barbados. Photo taken today at Bridgetown.
  13. Admiral

    Named after a butterfly, entering Kiel Canal locks, Brunsbüttel in 2003, Gibraltar flag
1-13 of 13 Results