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af chapman

  1. Af Chapman

    Af Chapman

    Swedish training ship, built in Whitehaven as Dunboyne in 1888. From 1909 until 1915 she was Norwegian, and from then on Swedish. Today she functions as a youth hostel in Stockholm. I built a model based on her plans, but hated the very short bowsprit, and elongated that a little, so my model now ha
  2. af Chapman

    af Chapman

    af Chapman Stockholm 24 July 2013
  3. AF CHAPMAN (bis)

    AF CHAPMAN (bis)

    sv AF CHAPMAN in Stockholm (S) in September 2010
  4. Af Chapman

    Af Chapman

  5. Af Chapman

    Af Chapman

    Af Chapman. Swedish trading school-ship. Built as Dunboyne in Whitehaven 1888, today a youth hostel in Stockholm. A site with some information: