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afric star
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  1. Afric Star

    Under the loaders at Bluff in 1981
  2. NEW PLYMOUTH 1982

    from left to right tanker unknown reefer unknown dredge Ngamotu In port Delphic Reefer ex Wild Avocet Golden Bay New Zealand Carribean Afric Star

    Newhaven UK 1980's Built 1975 for BSL as Afric Star 1985 sold and renamed Lanark 1988 reverted to Afric Star 2001 broken up Alang
  4. Afric Star

    Afric Star alongside Gibraltar August 1989.
  5. Afric Star

    Pyrmont , Sydney Dec 1981 . A classic ship at a classic wharf ! Is she still running ?
  6. Afric Star

    Anchored Valparaiso 22 dec. 07 Reefer. Flag Liberia. IMO 8713562. DWT 12519. Built 1990 Try to get a good look at her bow! Wrinkled by heavy weather?
  7. Afric Star

    Afric Star in heavy weather in Aussie Bight 1981
  8. Away to Sea 2

    Sunset in Indian ocean.Oz to Gulf
  9. Afric Star

    Afric Star at Newhaven in the 70's or 80's.
1-10 of 10 Results