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  1. RN Aircraft Carriers

    HMS GLORY with two older cousins HMS IMPLACABLE and HMS INDEFATIGABLE.

    HMS EAGLE post modernisation.
  3. HMS Victorious

    Victorious and RFA - 1967 ish in the Singapore area?
  4. HMS Victorious

    Victorious leaving Singapore May 1967
  5. Aircraft Handling (4)

    Taken by my father Alexander Watt in 1930s
  6. HMS Devonshire, Aircraft handling (3)

    Another taken by Alexander Watt in 1930s
  7. Aircraft handling (2)

    Taken by my father Alexander Watt in the 1930s
  8. HMS Centaur

    Leaving Portsmouth
  9. HMS Centaur

    Taken during her Fourth Commission 1963-65
  10. USS Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Launched 1970 with a planned fifty year operational career,in addition to the armor she was covered in a coating of Kevlar plating over certain areas of the side shell.speed 33 knots
1-11 of 11 Results