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  1. Aker, bending pipes

    This must be a bit later than the date I gave for two other pictures of the yard today. That was 1900, and how many years to add - yours is a good a guess as mine. I remember watching some plumbers bending pipes as a boy, and they put sand in the pipes to keep them from flattening. They heated...
  2. Aker, foundry

    Aker Mek around 1900. It looks a bit disorderly, but they used a lot of sand, and the heaps and holes of this may make a wrong impression.
  3. Aker, drawing office

    Drawing office ca 1900, Aker Mekanisker Verksted. They have got electric lamps, one can see the wires coming down from the roof, but daylight was preferable i suppose. I wonder how old he is, that errand boy on the right.
  4. Aker Mek 1961

    All long traders gone now, but Christian Radich is still there. Tankers Troms(Vesteraalen/wilhelmsen) and Polarlys (Melsom & Melsom) just above the Radich
  5. Aker Mekaniske Verksted

    Braemar in a "dry land" dry dock with Oslofjord in the "floating" dry dock on the outside. (What is the correct nomenclature?) Aker yard in the fifties. A bit unlucky with that crane pointing right out of the bow of the Braemar
  6. Aker Mekaniske Verksted

    The Aker yard in Oslo in 1939, with Wilhelm Wilhelmsen's Tulane ready for launching
1-6 of 6 Results