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  1. ALA

    Built 1946 at Aalborg Værft A/S, Ålborg, Denmark. Yard nr. 81. Dimensions: 109.60 x 15.50 x ? m. Grt/ Nrt/ Dwt.: 2828/ 1473/ 5330. Engine: A 4-cyl compound steam engine. Power: 1615 HP Ordered by HAPAG, Hamburg, intended name NOBISTOR, but confiscated by Danish government. 1945 06 01...
  2. Ala

    Norwegian m/s ALA, imo 3008790/ 109,6m/ 2.828gt/ 12kn; 08/1946 completed by Aalborg Vaerft A/S, Aalborg, as KEGNAES, for Danish Government; 1945 launched as NOBISTOR; 1946 TRAVIATA, Rederi A/B Soya, Stockholm; 1947 BOKEFORS, A/B Allhems Forlag, Malmo; 1953 ALA, E.B. Aaby´s Rederi A/S, Oslo; 1957...
  3. ALA

    Sietastype 33E coaster ALA berthed at Rendsburg-Kreishafen in summer 2009. 1968 Sietaswerft,Hamburg/603 - IMO6812637 CS:HP8155 / current flag: Panama L*B= 68.40*10,60m GT 1064 TDW 1.203 42 TEU Deutz, 971 kW, 12,5 kn; GALA-76, Kapt. K.H. Danz, HH, D; Tor Normandia-75, dto, D...
  4. Onboard of an old coaster

    Wheelhouse of coaster ALA.
  5. Onboard of an old coaster

    Here you can see the machine control panel of coaster ALA.
  6. Onboard of an old coaster

    Onboard of Sietastype 33E coaster ALA. Here we are in the chart room. You can see the chart table for the sea charts.
  7. ALA at Varberg

    ALA nearly ready for sailing from Varberg April 09.
  8. ALA

    In Port of Uddevalla 27/8 1996
1-8 of 8 Results