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  1. Albany, Western Australia

    Looking east across the tug basin. Berth #1 old general cargo facility for frozen meat, wool and general cargo. Rarely used now. Berth #2 import of fertilizers and petroleum products. Berth #3 grain and silica sand exports. Berth #6 wood chips and wood waste pellet exports.
  2. Grande Solaris

    Anchored off Albany WA on 11.04.2012. Can't make out her complete name. I'm sure of the Grande and the Sol, but can't make out the rest of it. Looks like three words in total.
  3. Albany

    Passenger steamer Albany (1880) of The Hudson River Day Line. Shown under the Poughkeepsie Bridge. (I'm sure that bridge has a lovely name, but how do you pronounce it?). I believe the company's two ships were supposed to meet under this bridge, which means that we're standing on the deck of...
1-3 of 3 Results