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    HM Dockyard Devonport, No 5 Basin I think. ALBATROSS was a seaplane tender transferred to the RN as part payment for the ship she is alongside - the Leander class cruiser HMAS HOBART formerly HMS APOLLO.
  2. Albatross

  3. Albatross, South Atlantic

    This marvellous bird followed us for days on the great circle track from Buenos Aires to Cape Town, trailing its wing tip just above the surface of the sea in the stormiest of weather. Taken at the stern with the classic Box Brownie, 1930 vintage. We wuz poor.
  4. Albatross

    Swedish SV. Belfast 1954
  5. Albatross

    Swedish SV at Belfast PLV. 1954
  6. Albatross

    Albatross entering Fowey October 1986.
  7. Albatross

    The boys of the Finnish four-mast barque Parma have caught an albatross and enjoy having themselves photographed with the bird. It would have been caught with a triangle with a bit of bait in it trailed astern. Due to the bulbous hook in the front of it's beak, the albatross would be stuck when...

    A welcomed visitor on board the sailing barque TRANSOCEAN
  9. Albatross

    ex cunarder
1-9 of 9 Results