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  1. SOV-SOIUZ_1024

    «Sovetskiy Soyuz» ​ Albert Ballin (1923—1935) Hansa (1935—1953) Советский Союз (1953—1980) Тобольск (1980—1982)​ S 1/250...

    The Hamburg was a steamer of the Albert Ballin class. This photo appears in an old brochure titled: "Hamburg-Amerika Linie - In der ersten Klasse von Hamburg nach New York". This brochure also contains great pictures of life on board. It not only deals with the Hamburg and Albert...
  3. Hansa ex Albert Ballin

    The German passenger liner Hansa seen here approaching the port of Hamburg in the late 1930's. The Hansa (20,815 grt/11,949 nrt) was launched on Dec. 16th, 1922 by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg, yard number 403, and originally named Albert Ballin, after the director of the HAPAG. The vessel was...
  4. Albert Ballin

    Built 1923 by Blohm & Voss for Hamburg-Amerika Line, 20,815 gross tons. Post WWII she became the Russian Sovetsky Soyuz and was broken up in 1982
  5. Albert Ballin

    The German passenger/cargo liner ALBERT BALLIN. 183m/ 20.815gt/twin screw/16 knots/1.650 passengers; 16/06/1923 completed by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg, for Hamburg Amerika Linie – Hapag, Hamburg; 05/07/1923 sailed from Hamburg for New York via Southampton on her maiden voyage; 1929 re-engined to...
  6. Albert Ballin

    Albert Ballin 1923 20815t built Blohm+ Voss for Hamburg Amerkia Line L.P.P 186.6m beam 24m 1934 Lg. 205.2m 21131t 1935 Hansa 1950 Sovetskiy Soyus broken up Russia 1982
1-6 of 6 Results