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  1. SOV-SOIUZ_1024


    «Sovetskiy Soyuz» ​ Albert Ballin (1923—1935) Hansa (1935—1953) Советский Союз (1953—1980) Тобольск (1980—1982)​ S 1/250


    The Hamburg was a steamer of the Albert Ballin class. This photo appears in an old brochure titled: "Hamburg-Amerika Linie - In der ersten Klasse von Hamburg nach New York". This brochure also contains great pictures of life on board. It not only deals with the Hamburg and Albert B
  3. Hansa ex Albert Ballin

    Hansa ex Albert Ballin

    The German passenger liner Hansa seen here approaching the port of Hamburg in the late 1930's. The Hansa (20,815 grt/11,949 nrt) was launched on Dec. 16th, 1922 by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg, yard number 403, and originally named Albert Ballin, after the director of the HAPAG. The vessel was completed i
  4. Albert Ballin

    Albert Ballin

    Built 1923 by Blohm & Voss for Hamburg-Amerika Line, 20,815 gross tons. Post WWII she became the Russian Sovetsky Soyuz and was broken up in 1982
  5. Albert Ballin

    Albert Ballin

    The German passenger/cargo liner ALBERT BALLIN. 183m/ 20.815gt/twin screw/16 knots/1.650 passengers; 16/06/1923 completed by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg, for Hamburg Amerika Linie – Hapag, Hamburg; 05/07/1923 sailed from Hamburg for New York via Southampton on her maiden voyage; 1929 re-engined to increas
  6. Albert Ballin

    Albert Ballin

    Albert Ballin 1923 20815t built Blohm+ Voss for Hamburg Amerkia Line L.P.P 186.6m beam 24m 1934 Lg. 205.2m 21131t 1935 Hansa 1950 Sovetskiy Soyus broken up Russia 1982