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alexandra towing

  1. Brocklebank


    Photographed at Spithead on the 5 June 1994 in her position in the line up for 50th D Day Anniversary Fleet Review Name / Owner: BROCKLEBANK : IMO No: 6420408 / ON 306497 Merseyside Maritime Museum. Flag: United Kingdom (Liverpool). Built for Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd., Liverpool, as a ship-handli
  2. Avenger


    Alexandra Towings motor tug Avenger is seen here passing down the River Thames at Gravesend circa 1978. Built in 1962 and grossing 300 tons it carries firefighting equipment.
  3. Sauria


    Alexandra Towing tug Sauria off Gravesend circa 1978
  4. Vanquisher


    Alexandra Towing tug Vanquisher on the River Thames at Gravesend circa 1978.
  5. Burma


    Alexandra Towing's Burma photographed on the River Thames at Gravesend. Date unknown. Built 1966. Gross Tonnage 165.
  6. Langton


    Alexandra Towing's Langton on the River Thames at Gravesend, date unknown
  7. Dhulia


    Dhuhlia, Alexandra Towing. On River Thames at Gravesend. Motor tug built 1959, gross tonnage 272.
  8. Moorcock


    MT Moorcock on the River Thames, date unknown. Built 1959, gross tonnage 273.