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  1. Algarve

    The Dutch m/v Algarve, 51,54m/472gt, completed 17/05/1939 by N.V. Boele, Bolnes,for N.V.Hammerstein´s Reederijbedrijf, Rotterdam; while WWII was at Allied Forces service; back to her owners at the end of the hostilities; 1953 Algarve, N.V. Rotterdamsche Kustvaart Centrale, Rotterdam; 1959...

    The Dutch m/v ALGARVE, 52m/472gt, is shown on 1952 at Leixões-Dock no.1. Built 1939 by N.V.Boele, Bolnes for N.V. Hammerstein's Reederijbedrijf, Rotterdam. 1953 N.V. Rotterdamsche Kustvaart Centrale, Rotterdam. 1959 ANTONIOS II, Starros Dayas & Co.,Piraeus;1963 ANTONIOS, N. Diakos & Co...
  3. Algarve

  4. Algarve

    IMO: 9170638 Seen here berthed a Macquarie Wharf no 6 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia loading Zing Ingots for Exprot to the USA
1-4 of 4 Results