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  1. Tired and weary.

    Dom Kelly getting support from Alan Dawson.
  2. Almeria Star

    Almeria Star 1983. New Zealand to Iran.
  3. Almeria Star

    Almeria Star Built: 1976 Smith's Dock, Middlesbrough Tonnage: 9,781gt Owners: Transport Exchange Co Ltd(Blue Star Ship Management Ltd, managers) 1977: Transferred to Transport Commission, Tasmania(BSL Ship Management, managers) 1978: Transferred to Transport Exchange Co Ltd(Blue Star Ship...
  4. Almeria Star

    Blue Star's Almeria Star alongside the Bluff meatloaders without a Blue Star. Presumably on charter to Reefer Express Lines she has their house flag replacing the usual star. Somehow it just doesn't fill the hole.
  5. Mick Blease

    Mick,having a Almeria Star 1983 somewhere at sea.
  6. I'm an AB - get me out of here

    Blobbybluey, Dom Kelly and the late Mick Blease have a grin, Almeria Star 1983.
  7. Bander Abbas

    Almeria Star alongside Mahsuri Line ship. Bander Abbas, Iran 1983.
  8. Bambi !

    Wild party day on Almeria Star, Timaru. Paul AB from Birkenhead blitzed. Actually wearing ladies garment for some reason.
  9. Give us a kiss!!

    Crew bar , Timaru 1983, Almeria Star
  10. Bad Head

    Me and Blobbybluey. Almeria Star, Timaru 1983. Me having a bad hair year.
  11. Almeria Star~Gage Roads 79

    Almeria Star departing Fremantle for the Gulf,1979. Not a great photo, I know, but sure to bring back the memories of anyone who has spent time anchored in Gage Roads.
  12. Blobbybluey

    This is Blobbybluey.He definitely disabled in this one.
1-12 of 12 Results