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    Bulker for WA Souter fitting out at Walker.
  2. Alnwick Castle...but in which harbour?

    M.V. ALNWICK CASTLE was chartered to Australian National Line (A.N.L.) till 1980 or 1981. 57255 g.r.t. About 105,000 d.w.t. Built 1973 by Swan Hunter, Newcastle, U.K. She later became BENWYVIS, GRAIGLAS and ARIANA. Arrived Gandani Beach on 5 Sep 1996 for scrapping. Sister to DUNSTANBURGH CASTLE...
  3. Alnwick Castle

    Immediately after launch-- as per the caption. Alnwick Castle is family seat to the Dukes of Northumberland.
  4. Alnwick Castle-- down the ways

    Slipping down the ways, Swan Hunter Walker yard,14.9.73. Built for the Bamburgh Shipping Co (W.A. Souter), c 105,000 dwt bulker Later sister to "Dunstanburgh Castle" 1976 passed to Ben Line on acquisition by them of Bamburgh Shipping. Renamed "Benwyvis" (Ben Boat men correct me if I am wrong)
1-4 of 4 Results