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    Dutch cargo ship built 1928, torpedoed 1942. Full information here:
  2. ALPHACCA (2)

    ex Chanute Victory (Victory VC2-S-AP2 type), built California Shipbuilding Corporation Inc., Los Angeles (Cal.), U.S.A. Yardnumber: V-44 Date Laid Down: 1944-11-29 Launch Date: 1945-01-19 Delivery Date: 1945-02-20 Bought by van Nievelt Goudriaan & Co., Rotterdam March 13, 1947 and renamed...
  3. Alphacca

    IMO#7702293 10,444 g.t. built 1978 by Giessen-de Noord, Krimpen. Owner: Goudriaan Van Nievelt & Co B.V., Rotterdam. Seen at Rotterdam on 30th August 1982. Renamed: 87-Beta, 88-Gold Future, 95-Zim Houston, 95-Sunflower. Broken up at Calcutta in 2000.
1-3 of 3 Results