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  1. Aluco

    Shell tanker Aluco arriving at Lyttelton with the elegant old pilot boat Wairangi at left.
  2. Aluco

    Shell (NZ) were most generous with their postcards back in the 1960's. Aluco Built : 1959 Tonnage: 13,148 Owners: Shell Tankers Scrapped 1977.
  3. Aluco

    The Shell tanker "Aluco" anchored at the Mersey Bar. If I remember correctly she had a grey hull at this time, rather than eau-de-nil.
  4. Aluco

    One of Shell's first two 'all aft' deep sea tankers, "Aluco" berthing at Lyttelton.
  5. Aluco

    Seen at Lyttelton the "Aluco", delivered by J. L. Thompson in 1959, was, I believe, Shell's first deep sea 'all aft' tanker. She was broken up at Kaohsiung where she arrived 21 December 1977.
  6. Shell Tanker STS Aluco

    STS Aluco at Nha Be Vietnam 1972 fuelling the war.
1-6 of 6 Results