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  1. The Bridge
    Does anybody have any photographs taken of the radar screen in the 1980s of the amber circular displays that used to sit under a hood for daylight viewing? Despite years of sailing with and looking at them in all weathers, I didn't take a photograph and now find myself in need of one or two. For...
  2. Amber

    Amber on river Elbe. Sorry, poor quality.
  3. AMBER

    William Roberston's AMBER was photographed alongside West Wharf 3, Avonmouth, in about 1970 by the late Dick Parsons. She had been built at Troon in 1956 but was sold in 1978 to Pan Nautic S.A. (Rafael Vecchiati) of Lugano who renamed her SIMRI. She sadly foundered off Cape Carbonara...
  4. AMBER

    Photo taken at Terneuzen (the Netherlands) on March 23, 2005
1-4 of 4 Results