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    M/S AMERICA Call sign: LCBV - LCHR Class: DNV1A1 with freeboard Shipping company: Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Tønsberg Nationality: Norway Home port: Tønsberg Shipyard Name: Akers Mek. Verksted, Kristiania Build year: 1921 Yard number: 389 Tonnage Gross tonnage: 4,917 Net tonnage: 3,062...

    S/S America Call sign: MKPW Class: DNV1A1 Shipping company: Wilh. Wilhelmsen and Fearnley & Eger, Tønsberg Nationality: Norway Home port: Tønsberg Shipyard Name: Sørlandets Skipsbyggeri, Fevik, Grimstad Build year: 1914 Yard number: 169 Tonnage Gross tonnage: 3,706 Net tonnage...

    Norwegian cargo ship AMERICA of 1890 built at Middlesbrough. GRT 837, scuttled 1936. More info here:

    United States liner AMERICA at an unknown port.
  5. America

    Another view of America at her New York pier in 1961, this time in color.
  6. America

    Here are a couple of unseen views of the US liner America, seen at her New York pier in the mid to late 1950’s.

    An even closer view of those funny funnels!
  8. America

    In reality, ex-Britannia 1881-1902 then America 1902-1908 Owners Cie Fabre-built Liverpool 1881-Line Marseille-New-York.Renamed 1902 America due apparently of unpopularity of conflict with Boers in some shipping circles...? Lost her propeller in june 1895 when sailing from Nantes to New-York...

    Trans-Atlantic liner AMERICA. Built 1940 by Newport News Shipbuilding, Newport News, Virginia, US 33532gt (26545gt under American rule of measurement). 220.40 x 28.40 23knots Keel laid 22 Aug 1938 Launched 31 Aug 1939 Maiden voyage in the form of a cruise to the West Indies 10 Aug 1940 for...
  10. America

    This view looking down on the post war America is the second pic copied from an Ebay scan. I really wanted this one, but the bid went to high. The shot was originally taken by the commercial firm, Flying Camera.


    Seen departing San Diego, California. Anyone know her?
  13. New York Harbor, 1962

    In this view of the frozen Hudson River, the then new French Liner, France is seen beginning the return leg of her Maiden Voyage on 13 February, 1962. In addition to the France, the liners Cristoforo Colombo of the Italian Line, the America and United States of the US Line, and the Ivernia of...
  14. America

    America in Southampton water August 1962, Leaving for Le Havre
  15. SS America fitting out

    As built with her original short smokestacks. Before the America was delivered for her maiden voyage they were extended after her trials proved their height was insufficient.
  16. Edmund B. Alexander, Ex-America

    After the war, the Edmund B. Alexander carried out much needed repatriation services including war-bride voyages until 1948. Both she and the George Washington were then given extensive overhauls before being laid up once again. This time they were secured, end to end, at the Hawkins Pier in...
  17. Edmund B. Alexander, Ex-America

    Both former liners emerged from the refits in April, 1943. They now had a single funnel replacing the original two they had both carried up to that time. Both liners had a troop capacity of 5,000 and they operated at a service speed of 17 knots. They had suddenly become some of the most...
  18. Edmund B. Alexander, Ex-America

    In 1940, the old America was pulled out of the reserve fleet and offered to Great Britain as a troopship. The liner’s steam boiler plant had deteriorated as a result of her long period in lay-up. Furthermore she was still a coal fired ship, a rarity by 1940. Because of her poor condition, the...
  19. America on Fire

    The Amerika was seized for use as a US troopship, and was renamed America. The liner had to wait her turn for a much needed refit in an America yard. That refit finally began in March, 1918, at Bayonne New Jersey. Then, in October 1918, on what was to be her first military voyage, she...
1-19 of 40 Results