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  1. American Islander

    Hamilton Bermuda-- inauguration day late 77/early 1978 ( a trifle late!)(but still ill informed optimism). The crane (mobile crane) was the only one at that time on the island to handle containers for more details see...
  2. American Islander

    United States Lines had to ship out everything to Hamilton,Bermuda-- trailers,the works.The delays meant the inaugurations were late,and it rapidly became clear the ship was not up to the service-- research showed her to be EXACTLY the wrong length for the NYC/Hamilton service when compared to...
  3. American Islander

    In 1997, United States Lines decided to inaugurate a feeder service NYC/Hamilton, Bermuda.They brought this ship and her sister back from the Far East,and gave management to Souter Hamlet (W.A.Souter).The ships were wrecks,only c.5 years old but had been Filipino crewed and badly...
1-3 of 3 Results