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american president lines
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  1. APL Japan

    APL Japan heading out into the South China Sea...
  2. President Truman

    President Truman seen here arriving straight from the builders to Ocean Terminal for a promotional visit ...
  3. President Polk

    President Polk inbound for Hong Kong...
  4. President Harding

    President Harding seen in the Lamma Channel, departing Hong Kong...
  5. President Truman

    President Truman arriving on an overcast morning in HK...
  6. American President Lines

    An APL boxship arriving at Los Angeles... How many of these ships were built?
  7. American President Lines

    An APL boxship seen passing the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge...
  8. Two Americans and an Egyptian

    I remember the APL vessels from the late 50's/early 60's in Hong Kong.
  9. A feast of APL ships

    Don't know where this was taken but the APL ships are PRESIDENTS GRANT, BUCHANAN, CLEVELAND, MONROE, TAFT, WILSON and HOOVER but I don't know which is which!!
1-10 of 10 Results