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  1. Ametyst FD 1070, Saltangará

    On the slip in Tórshavn, 27.3.2011 Built: Vágur 1986, loa 32,3 m.
  2. Nordheim FD 795

    Built in Rosslau, GDR, in 1966 loa 93 ft. Ex Ametyst, Bjarnoy. Still active as a shellfish dredger.
  3. Fishing vessels Tórshavn

    The two tugs, Skúmarin (left) and Pressarin. The little outer blue: Unknown. The inner blue: Morgunrodin. little red: Unknown. Big red: Ametyst (or Jaspis) FD 1070, french design, but built in Vagur, Faeroes. The stern-trawler on the other side: Magnus Heinason (research ship). Foto ca 2000
  4. Ametyst FD 1070 & Jaspis FD 1060

    Twin Riggers Jaspis and Ametyst at Mest, Skála
  5. Ametyst FD 1070

    Twin Rigger Ametyst at MEST, Skála
1-7 of 7 Results